Kyt Selaidopoulos : « I have 150 names in mind for futsal Canada team! »

Kyt Selaidopoulos is currently peparing the futsal World Cup for 2020. For several months now, he has travellled Canada to spot the best players. The national coach gives us more informations about his plan.

Mr Selaidopoulos, what is your goal with the futsal Canada team?

We prepare World Cup 2020 qualifications which occur the same year. I still have two years to build a competitive team that will go into the final round.

You played beach soccer World Cup qualifications few months ago in the Bahamas. What did you observe and what are your conclusions?

I’m satisfied with the beach soccer group. We saw and analyzed futsal players: their level of fitness and their progression. Finishing in the eight best teams of the competition is really good. Now, we prepare futures aims with a bigger number of players because our Bahamas group only consisted of Quebec, Ontario and licensed United States players.

Do you mean that others players from the center and the west of Canada will be called?

Exactly. Saskatchewan, Yukon, Manitoba and New-Brunswick have a futsal Premier League too. People don’t really see all the work done in infrastructures, equipment, leagues, coaches and players training … We have a training program in which we see quick progress! Promising players are literally knocking at the door of the national team. I had 30 names on my list in 2016. Now, I have 150!

How will you process for recruiting players?

I travelled several times throughout Canada recently to analyze players.  I feel the excitement in all provinces and leagues help me in my project. I am going to organize a first camp in Quebec with 20 PLFQ players on December 16th and 17th. Then, I will visit three other provinces. The Canadian championship will be the opportunity to see the best players against each other. But it’s not because I live in Quebec that I will take more Quebecers… I’m here to choose only the best men!