Stefan Karajovanovic (Toronto FC) : « It was an easy decision to take »

Stefan Karajovanovic, striker from Gatrineau, agreed to take a few minutes to talk about his transfer to Toronto FC, the MLS NEXT PRO, and his goals for the coming seasons.

How did your transfer to Toronto FC go and what were the different steps?

At the end of the 2021 Canadian Premier League season with the Halifax Wanderers, the club had an option for one year on me but it was not sure to use it. I wanted to anticipate and in agreement with my agents we decided to look for other possible opportunities. Few Canadian Premier League teams came forward but when I saw Toronto FC, I didn’t think twice!

So you decided to leave the Canadian Premier League, the best national level in Canada, for the MLS NEXT PRO corresponding to the MLS league 2, what are your first impressions on the level and the different opportunities?

The Canadian Premier League is a really good league. I really enjoyed the level and the atmosphere (especially in Halifax). My departure was mostly a matter of opportunity, and to be part of the Toronto FC organization is just incredible. The MLS NEXT PRO was created this year as a stepping stone to Major League Soccer (MLS), it plays really good soccer and the prospects are great.

What are your objectives for the current season, the next seasons?

My goals remain the same, to do the best I can to help the team win and to continue, as an individual, to climb the ladder to the highest level.

In the end, your choice for Toronto FC was not difficult, but what did you prioritize in making your decision?

Honestly, at this point in my career, Toronto FC was the easiest decision to make. The city is only a few hours away from my family’s home (province of Quebec), and it’s a very motivating project to play in an MLS environment and to be present for the inaugural season of MLS NEXT PRO.

Interviewed by Christophe A.

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